In-person again

I’m thrilled to announce that I am returning to teaching weekly Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® classes in an actual studio with real, live students present! This September I will begin a six-week series at Yoga on Beacon on Sundays* from 5:00 to 6:00pm weekly. Please join me!

New collaboration

Something else I’m excited about—I’m beginning a collaboration with two other South Seattle Feldenkrais teachers. We will be sharing the Sunday 5 o’clock time slot, rotating in six-week blocks. This way YOU get more variety in your learning environment, and WE get support from each other in holding the weekly class time regularly. (Also WE get to take class, too! Yay!)

I invite you to get to know Heather and Mary Margaret better. Heather put together a little website to facilitate our class registration. Have a look! You can book classes by clicking the cute logo below or book here on my website.

South Seattle Feldenkrais
Online option, too

And—BONUS—we’ll be live-streaming these classes online via Zoom to provide more options for you. (We’re ALL ABOUT options in Feldenkrais, right?!) Register for a series of either in-person or online classes and receive a recording for any class you miss. You can sign up for a series of 6 classes at a time, or book classes all the way through September through January. Here’s that link again:

South Seattle Feldenkrais

I am so looking forward to seeing your whole self moving in three dimensions! And for those who find the online classes more your speed, it’ll be great to see you online, too.

*Please note that registration is through South Seattle Feldenkrais or my website only. You will not be able to register for Feldenkrais classes on the Yoga on Beacon website. Yoga on Beacon has great classes, so please check those out, too. Thanks to Yoga on Beacon for sharing your space with us!!

Back Together Again: In-Person Feldenkrais Classes Return