Private Feldenkrais Sessions

Private Feldenkrais® lessons, also called Functional Integration®, are a hands-on form of tactile, kinesthetic communication. If you have a particular question, acute difficulty, or if you are someone who learns best in one-on-one environments, private lessons may be best for you.

Group Feldenkrais Classes aka Awareness Through Movement with Sheri Cohen in Seattle

Classes & Workshops

Drop in on one of my weekly classes in yoga or the Feldenkrais Method®. Immerse yourself in special workshops, retreats or the eight-month-long Feldenkrais Immersion. Offerings include advanced yoga training, mentoring for Feldenkrais Practitioners, and dance for beginners.

Audio from Sheri Cohen Movement Seattle Feldenkrais

Audio & Resources

Explore ways of learning and moving with Sheri Cohen Movement Education in your home or anywhere you want to practice. Audio lessons and written materials can guide you.

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Unexpectedly, Feldenkrais has given me more awareness of my ability to move. The change in me from the beginning of a lesson to the end I can only describe as remarkable.

Kim retiree living with multiple sclerosis

During my rehabilitation, I left our sessions with re-gained confidence that I could make movement happen without pain.  I learned from Sheri how to feel at home in my body as I healed.

—Mary Margaret recovering from vehicle accident

Oh, the buzz of a calm nervous system and a pain free body floating through space. Thank you, Sheri Cohen!

Shannon professional dancer