Every class brought me deeper into myself …

… and gave me an opportunity to explore creative options outside my usual habits.
—Meg, writer & filmmaker

My interest in dance is in the imaginative life of the dancer—and, in my view, EVERYONE  is a dancer. My classes and workshops center around the individual's experience in this body that she/he/they are given. Locating oneself clearly in the moment of movement expression is the most liberating awakening I have ever experienced, and I strive to share that experience with others.

My dance classes and workshops aim to:

  • Inspire each participant’s curiosity about herself or himself and the world
  • Develop the participant’s ability to attend to sensation, distinguish different sensations, and differentiate between sensation and ideation
  • Cultivate a practice of viewing oneself and others non-judgmentally
  • Explore playfully and sensitively, alone, in partnership, or in groups
  • Interact with multiple creative disciplines so that creativity flows
  • Learn meaningfully, through experience, what are one’s tendencies and assumptions underlying everyday actions
  • Grow each participant’s repertoire of choices, potential actions, and responses to challenging or changing circumstances
  • Experience joy in movement
  • Inspire the imagination


I am not currently teaching regular dance classes at the moment, but I often incorporate creative movement and creative process in my retreats, workshops, and special events.

Classes & Workshops