“This immersion is a gift. What a juicy opportunity to explore my own body, its edges and insides, its tendencies and capacity. I’ve come away with a deeper sense of curiousity, amplified attention, and lasting functional tools. “

“Taking time to lie on the floor and revisit our early development is an incredibly powerful way to discover new possibilities – in our bodies and in our lives. … It has brought me more awareness of some lifelong patterns and injuries, and is quietly adjusting them.”

“The immersion offers a second chance at learning to walk — to walk intelligently, beautifully and with ease. This is not simple; there is as much to unlearn as to learn. Nor is this obvious, not just a matter of stacking up bones. Instead you discover, as much as possible, as an infant discovers, developmentally, one possibility at a time.”

“It’s given me a much stronger and fuller sense of self.  It’s allowed me to use a lot of courage.   It’s given me tools to work with the rest of my life.  It’s given me much much stronger and more conscious bodily access to my younger self. … [It’s given me] a lot more self awareness—of my gifts and strengths and creativity and compassion for my self and for others; [and a] dramatic increase in the desire and the ability to live authentically as my self.”

“This immersion has been amazing.  … What I would tell a potential student is “Do it!”  It’s so much greater than the sum of its parts.  I’d taken ATM [Awareness Through Movement] classes and had FI [Functional Integration] for years, but there is so much momentum we gained within each week and over the weeks.  An FI is 50 minutes.  ATM classes usually have to incorporate complete beginners.  But in the immersion we develop a common vocabulary of movement that allows me to figure out more complicated things.”

“I generally dislike superlatives like, “life-changing” or “I feel ten years younger.” They make me tune out; just more overblown hype. Except in this case, for me, it was life changing and yes, I feel as if ten years have fallen away. … People close to me have been commenting on how much better I move. I know that I want to move more, that my energy and outlook have improved. And lately, when I have experienced old and stubborn pains, I have been able to use approaches I have learned in the immersion to invent self-care techniques that are finally working for me. I feel empowered by this and more hopeful of living life pain free than I have in years.”

“I’m glad you are doing more of these.  I’m recommending them.”


“Sheri naturally creates an atmosphere of ease and safety. She wears her wisdom on her sleeve. Weaving in theory and personal experience, her own lively curiousity encourages deep self-discovery. I felt complete permission to arrive as myself, however I was, and to have my own experience.”

“I really appreciate Sheri’s gentle dedication to the material. It is clear to me that she is profoundly connected to and in touch with the work – she has a lovely way of bringing it to us with clarity, enthusiasm, and support.”

“Thank you for your passion for this work.”

“I very much appreciate all you have done to put it together.  You are so thoughtful in the way you design our complete experience, and I can tell you are constantly adapting the lessons and the flow in reaction to our experience.  You’ve set up an atmosphere of curiosity.  You make all the movements sound delicious and fun.”

“The process is fascinating, pleasurable and gentle. It is a process you could not possibly arrive at without the thoughtful and supportive guidance of a teacher as wise and intuitive as Sheri Cohen.”

“Sheri manages to address the needs of every class member individually while keeping the group moving along according to schedule.”

More information about the 2018-19 Immersion.

What Participants Say About the Feldenkrais Immersion
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