You, my student, are self-governing. My job is to guide you to deepen your awareness of yourself and help you to improve your ability to self-govern.

I can’t create experience for you. I can only participate in creating the environment in which you experience yourself.

I strive to make that environment creative, safe and empowering to you as an individual, while honoring our interconnectedness.

True learning is self-discovery; true rewards are self-provided.

I hope to help you find meaning in the practice. I do that, in part, by finding my own meaning in the materials I share with you. I do that, as well, by imagining what your experience might be—by attuning. Still, I cannot create experience for you.

In the practice, attentionis the process; sensationis the medium; awareness(image/imagination, creativity, knowledge, consciousness) is the result.

Movement happens.

We experience life in bodies. Bodies are important. Everyone with a body has access.

There is nothing sacred about asana. Asana are beautiful. Asana are intelligent. Asana are easily shared. 

Lives are sacred. Bodies are sacred. Relationships are sacred. The space of learning is sacred.

I am a teacher of people, not of movement: I am facilitating learning, another way of saying personal transformation.

Self-loving, curiosity and playfulness are foundational to all learning.

Learning is an elliptical process, not a linear one.

(Originally published February 2012)

Principles that Guide my Teaching