Please enjoy these recordings of live Feldenkrais lessons. If you have never done any Feldenkrais before encountering these recordings, I recommend attending a class or doing a private session with a certified practitioner, so you can be guided in how the process works.

That said, these are very approachable lessons. Move slowly, make small movements, rest often, and always stay within a range of comfort, avoiding strain or intensity. The movement instructions are meant as invitations for you to explore yourself with curiosity about HOW you move—along what path, with what amount of smoothness, in what sequence? Rather than approaching the movements from a framework of “getting it right,” assume that you are right as long as you are comfortable, engaged, and able to attend to yourself with curiosity. For Feldenkrais’ own words about how to do his lessons, read this page.

Feldenkrais for Centering and Calming with Sheri Cohen

Lesson 1 comes from a series called “Feldenkrais for Centering and Calming”. When you are asked to recline on your back, lie on a blanket or rug on the floor. If you need to raise your head for comfort, use a folded towel or low, firm pillow.

Lesson 1: Rolling with Your Arms Wrapped Around Yourself with Sheri Cohen

Pelvic Clock in a Chair with Sheri Cohen Seattle Feldenkrais
Pelvic Clock in a Chair with Sheri Cohen Seattle Feldenkrais

Lesson 2 comes from a series called “Move your Booty”. Do this lesson seated in a firm, flat chair or stool.

Lesson 2: Pelvic Clock in a Chair with Sheri Cohen

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