The way that Sheri works …

… allows me space for my own discoveries, my own imagination, my own journey that rides in tandem with hers as she works.  This is rare and also the sign of skilled teacher.  Sheri really knows how to get out of the way so that I can learn about myself!
—Mary Margaret, recovering from vehicle accident

Private Feldenkrais ® lessons, also called Functional Integration ®, are a hands-on form of tactile, kinesthetic communication. If you have a particular question, acute difficulty, or if you are someone who learns best in one-on-one environments, private lessons may be best for you. Each lesson uniquely addresses your individual needs.

During a Functional Integration session, you and I discuss your situation and consider how moving better may improve it. Then, I use my hands to move you in small, gentle motions, exploring the ways in which tension and ineffective muscular activity are impeding your moving freely. I combine this non-verbal investigation with verbal cues that direct you to make specific movements and notice how your movement habits are getting you in trouble. This dialogue instigates a powerful process of realignment in your nervous system, in which new or rediscovered movement choices emerge through your experiential learning.


By the end of the lesson, most people experience improved posture and breathing, and find they are moving more efficiently and more comfortably. For many this includes a sense of emotional well-being. When appropriate, I will offer you activities to practice on your own. The lesson takes about an hour. During a lesson you remain clothed, and will most often be reclining; please dress warmly and comfortably.

Many of my Feldenkrais clients report a decrease in pain and the ability to return to activities they were once forced to avoid. Some report unforeseen improvement in areas in which they were already doing well—musicians with greater listening acuity, and dancers with better balance, for example. Almost all report an increased awareness of themselves that helps them make better daily choices and increases their sense of independence.

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