Awareness Through Movement®

The Feldenkrais Method is taught in two ways:

During Awareness Through Movement classes and workshops, I lead students verbally through a sequence of gentle movements, breaking down complex actions into smaller movement components. You do the movements at your own pace and in your own way; I do not demonstrate the “correct” way to move, and you are not required to perform for others. As you move I guide your attention to help you discover the habits that inhibit your moving better. By the end of the class or workshop, you will integrate movement components into whole actions involving your whole self in a novel way.

In Awareness Through Movement you will learn how your most basic functions are organized. By experiencing the details of how you perform an action, you will have the opportunity to learn how to attend to your whole self, eliminate unnecessary energy expenditure and mobilize your intentions into actions. Many students report an immediate change in their breathing and resting, and find their movements become freer and more pleasurable.

  • Classes and workshops are done reclining, sitting, standing, or walking. Please dress warmly and comfortably.
  • Group classes meet weekly, and provide regular opportunities for you to learn about yourself through movement.
  • Workshops focus on special themes or activities, such as playing musical instruments, doing yoga poses, or recovering from back injury.

For a listings of current class offerings, go to the “Home” page.

For themes and thoughts about what I’m currently teaching, please see my “Blog“.

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  1. Emily Batlan says:

    I am so glad that you will be working on the spine and core. My weak areas “whine” and they need alot more love and attention. Thank you!

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