Dreaming the Real: Exploring Self, Place and Other through Dance Improvisation with Sheri Cohen
a dance improvisation …

… is an agreement to make something out of nothing with others through movement. The connective tissue of the dance is each dancer’s individual imagination, enacted in a safe and permissive environment, while those actions are read by others in the room.

How do we make the leap from our everyday worries, social constraints, and inhibitions to moving freely with each other? Dreaming the Real refers to a process of attending to what is there—seeing, sensing and hearing clearly—so that our imagination is easily enlivened. The enlivened imagination spurs us into action, moving us in delightful and expected ways.

I will reach into a deep grab bag of tools to help participants enliven their imaginations, including simple movement practices, improvisational scores, sensory meditations, hands-on partnering, and some writing and drawing. We will witness each other in movement with generosity, and dance together in both structured and unstructured ways.

when & where

September 16 – November 4
Open Flight Studio
4205 University Way NE


These are all drop-in classes, but it would be helpful if you would Contact me to let me know you’re coming. Feel free to ask your questions by email or by phone (see footer on this page).
Suggested donation $10-20 by cash, check or Venmo (Sheri-Cohen)

my background informs these classes

Sheri Cohen (Asst. Feldenkrais® Trainer, RYT, she/her) has been researching the movement arts for over 30 years in the fields of dance, yoga and the Feldenkrais Method®. Sheri maintains a lively private practice in the Seattle area, teaches classes, retreats and workshops, and supports both yoga and Feldenkrais trainings with her experienced teaching. Sheri presented dance performances for over twenty years in Seattle and abroad, including deeply researched historical works and on-the-spot improvisations. Her training in dance includes a wide variety of techniques and somatic practices (contact improvisation, tuning, Deep Listening, Skinner Releasing, Body-Mind Centering, Alexander technique, Cunningham technique, and more). Sheri has facilitated Contemplative Dance Practice groups and created introductory workshops in CDP since 2008. Sheri’s teaching creates a creative, playful environment in which all individuals are dancers and learners.

Dreaming the Real: Exploring Self, Place and Other through Dance Improvisation
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