Private Yoga

A Private Yoga session is instigated by your curiosity and your desire to explore your practice more deeply. Is there a pose or category of poses that seem intractably difficult? Do you seem to not make any progress with a balance, strength or flexibility issue? Have you injured yourself in your practice and are looking for a way to begin anew? Would you like to practice yoga at home, and would like to customize your asana sequences? These are the kinds of questions that might bring you to a Private Yoga session with me.

We begin every session with a short interview to clarify your questions and hone in on the direction of our investigation. During a short warm-up, as I observe your movements, I direct your attention to your sensations, so that you can begin the process of self-awareness. We proceed creatively and with great curiosity through an improvised sequence of movements, including yoga poses, developmental movements, and other movements that help you feel yourself more clearly in what you are doing. I may occasionally touch you with my hands, or gently move you with my hands, in order to help you sense something more clearly. This investigatory process is one of discovery, through which you become acquainted with new ways of moving, making your poses more delightful to experience. I will offer an analysis of your alignment when it is helpful, and leave you with tips for remembering and recreating your new-found ways of moving.

How do Private Yoga sessions differ from Functional Integration®, the private Feldenkrais® sessions?  A lot and not at all. Our focus in private yoga is your yoga practice, and the codified movements of the yoga lexicon that interests us in asana practice. You move on a mat, instead of on a low table, as in Functional Integration. However, our goal is the same—to help you feel what you are doing, and how you might be getting in your own way without noticing your self-created obstacles. I use all the masterful teaching technologies of the Feldenkrais method to help us reach that goal.