Together Games

Drawn from the fountain of material developed by dance improvisers since the 1960’s, Together Games provides simple and delightful tools for groups to improve communication through non-verbal play. This non-judgemental and non-aesthetic process requires no dance background, just the curiosity of willing participants.

During highly structured games defined by clear parameters, participants learn through experience how their actions are understood by others, and what they need to do to make themselves clearer. Through their own actions and choices, each individual can notice their own tendencies in the group—to charge ahead solo, to wait for others’ cues about what’s ok, to mimic others’ choices, or to be the eccentric outlier. This experiential learning process is often surprising and deeply meaningful to participants, as they observe their social habits and begin to learn other ways of interacting.

(Description of some games will eventually appear here.)

The Together Games are woven together with discussions, writing exercises and other modes of creative expression when appropriate (including drawing and vocalizing).

Movement Inquiry

Body Territories

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  1. Wren says:


    I recently moved to West Seattle. I’m intrigued by some of your workshops including Walking Awareness through movement and movement inquiry and body territories.
    It looks like two of them are group sessions. Is movement inquiry individual – what does it cost? I look forward to hearing from you.
    blessings, wren

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