Movement Inquiry

Movement Inquiry is a collection of practices adapted from my 25 years of experience in dance improvisation, and interpreted for participants wishing to develop self-awareness or group-awareness through movement and non-verbal expression. Movement Inquiry is non-aesthetic, and participants need no previous experience in dance.

The goals of Movement Inquiry are:

  • To inspire each participant’s curiosity about herself or himself and the world
  • To develop the participant’s ability to attend to sensation, distinguish different sensations, and differentiate between sensation and ideation
  • To cultivate a practice of viewing oneself and others non-judgmentally
  • To explore playfully and sensitively, alone, in partnership, or in groups
  • To learn meaningfully, through experience, what are one’s tendencies and assumptions underlying everyday actions
  • To grow each participant’s repertoire of choices, potential actions, and responses to challenging or changing circumstances
  • To experience joy in movement

Movement Inquiry includes, but is not limited to, Body Territories, somatic awareness for self-expression, and Together Games, playful group explorations in non-verbal communication.

© 2010 Sheri Cohen