Dance of the Senses
Through explorations of each sense (vision, hearing, touch, proprioception, etc.) and its influence on our movement, we discover how—in an ongoing process of sensory-perception—we are constantly composing our individual experience. Dancing is the communication of our experience through our actions. Based on tuning scores by Lisa Nelson, with colors of Feldenkrais, contact improvisation, and other influences.

Constellation Composition
Student choreographers research, source and develop “seed images” that get clarified and expanded upon through an ensemble process. Each “seed image” is performed as a constellation of qualities of time, space, and effort of particular meaning to the performer. “Staying with”, “transforming” and “cutting” are methods used to compose with “seeds”, creating a dance of gestalt performance events, rather than steps, themes and variations.

Spontaneous Composition
Sensory awareness, kinesthetic awareness and dance composition come together in the practice of creating performance events in the moment, with the materials at hand, in solos and ensembles.

Techniques for Moving
A technical practice based in experiential anatomy and kinesthetic awareness, including hands-on partner work, exploratory movement and simple repeatable forms.

Movement Education and Influences

Dance Improvisation/Composition, the Feldenkrais Method, Hatha Yoga, Skinner Releasing Technique, Modern Dance Technique, Ballet, Laban/Bartenieff Fundamentals, Authentic Movement, Improvised Music.

Mentors (a continuously growing list…)

Stuart Dempster, Vanessa DeWolf, John Dixon, Eszter Gál, Margit Galanter, Anne Greene Gilbert, Patti Giovenco, Julyen Hamilton, Liz Lerman, Tonya Lockyer, Nina Martin, Karen Nelson, Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton, Susan Schell, Kirstie Simpson, Joan Skinner, Stephanie Skura, Scott Smith, Sally Sykes, and every lovely person I have had the privilege of dancing with.

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