Major Works

Syzygy (2012-present)
Syzygy is an ongoing movement research exploring vision, perspective and imagination. The work includes experiments with seeing and being seen, proximity/distance, framing, depth of field, and other issues brought up by the ubiquity of the camera. One question we’ve explored: Is it possible to  include the camera in the “play” of spontaneous dancing in a way that does not interfere with the flow, but is a part of it.  This project has included the creative contributions of dancers Victoria Jacobs and Manuela Fischer, as well as earlier participation by Nate Dryden, Kristin Hapke, Jenna Veach. The dancers in the video below are Victoria Jacobs and myself. Manuela Fischer is  dancing with us, camera in hand.

Between 2003 and the present, I have appeared in many improvised performances, including solos and ensembles, at a variety of venues. For a sample, here is a duet I performed with Dave Knott in 2008:

Wait, Humm (2003)

Quartet of imaginative spontaneous delving into shared history; exploring our body’s relationship to sound and the activity of listening. Co-created with Corrie Befort, Beth Graczyk & Emily Stone. Music by Carl Farrow, light design by Dave Proscia, Costumes by Corrie Befort. On the Boards, Seattle, April 2003; Chamber Theater, Seattle, June 2003.

stealth solos (2002-3)
Unannounced movement events in diverse sites around the city of Seattle. Documentation by and collaboration with award-winning filmmaker Sandi Cioffi.  Includes solo furtif at Hugo House’s Surveillance, live multi-media event utilizing new microwave wireless technology to create several simultaneous points of view.

Love of the New Gun (2001-2)
A performance in sound, color and movement inspired by the art and life of Arshile Gorky (1904-48), Armenian-American painter. Created and performed by Corrie Befort, Vanessa DeWolf, Marisha Doan, Margo Ende, Beth Graczyk, Alice de Muizon, Amelia Reeber & Emily Stone. Music by Andrew Drury, visual design by Erin Palmer, light design by Jason Meininger, costumes by K.D. Schill.. Phase 1: a 20 minute segment presented at On The Boards’ Northwest New Works, Seattle, April 2001. Phase 2: a 60-minute completed work self-produced at Freehold Theatre, Seattle, January and February 2002.

ROOM (1998-2002)

A collaborative project in real-time composition with movement artists John Dixon, Tonya Lockyer, composer/multi-instrumentalist Stuart Dempster, visual artist Renko Ishida Dempster and guests.

  • ROOM, Velocity, Seattle, December 1998.
  • ROOMinations, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle, August 1999.
  • ROOMuseum Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, September 1999.
  • ROOMs, Tim’s Empty House, Seattle, December 1999.
  • ROOMwalk, Grand Central Studio, First Thursday Pioneer Square Artwalk, Seattle, with composer/instrumentalist Pauline Oliveros and playwrite Ione, May 2000.
  • ROOMsolstice, Jack Straw Foundation, Seattle, June 2000.
  • ROOMsters, Art Outside, Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Port Angeles, WA, with movement artist Sean Ryan and videographer Robert Campbell, July 2000.
  • ROOMmen, with movement artist Sean Ryan, Composer/Choreographer, Seattle, January 2001
  • vROOM, Velocity, Seattle, with multi-instrumentalist Dave Knott and with movement artist Sean Ryan, May 2001
  • ROOMish, Seattle, with videographer Robert Campbell and movement artists Sean Ryan and Peggy Piacenza, June 2001,
  • longROOM, Arts in Nature Festival, Camp Long, Seattle, August 2001.
  • newsROOM, Independent Media Center, with videographer Robert Campbell and movement artists Sean Ryan and Peggy Piacenza, Seattle, October 2001.
  • openROOM, R.E.D., Seattle, with David Gamper of Deep Listening Band and movement artist Sean Ryan, June 2002.

Time Incomplete (1999)
A meditation on loss, memory and life in the context of the Jewish Holocaust,1939-1945.  Duet created and performed with Sean Ryan. Music by John Zorn. Commissioned by On The Boards’ Northwest New Works, Seattle, April 1999.  Performed by invitation at the Ballhaus Naunynstrasse in a shared program with choreographer Manuela Fischer, Berlin, Germany, January 2000.

Dark Night (My White Room) (1998)
Solo inspired by the events of Kristallnacht in the German Reich, November 9, 1938.  Music by John Zorn and Andy Statman. Commissioned by On The Boards’ Northwest New Works, Seattle, April 1998.  Workshopped as “Kristallnacht” in Polish Theater Posters, Hugo House, Seattle, February 1998.  Selected by jury for the Journées Danse Dense, Paris, France, April 1999.  Performed by invitation Danses d’Été, Danses Divers, Strasbourg, France, August 1998 and Danse Contemporaine á la Chartreuse, Molsheim, France, August 1999.

Body of Thought: A Concert of Improvised Dances (1996)
Self-produced concert at Freehold Theater featuring five original works including collaborations with composers Matthew Sperry and Andrew Drury.