I have been a hungry student of the movement arts for over 20 years. After graduating from Oberlin College with a B.A. in “Theories of Art and Film”, I turned from criticism to creativity. From 1990 through the present, I have made many dances as a performer and director. My primary question in performance is: how to reveal the full presence—the depth and mystery of being alive in this moment—of the performer, in body, mind and imagination? My research has generally been in the area of improvisation, and all of my dances contain some element of “this is being made now”. My work has been presented in the U.S., France, Germany, Hungary and the U.K.

Since 1987 I have immersed myself in many contemporary and alternative techniques. I began to teach dance improvisation in Seattle in 1992. In addition to many classes and workshops at local dance studios, I have taught at Oberlin College, Evergreen College, Cornish College for the Arts, and abroad.


Sheri Cohen, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher®

I love teaching both professional dancers and “non-dancer-identified” students. I have presented memorable workshops for writers and artists interested in exploring the body as a source for generating creative flow and imagery. I have also taught creative dance and yoga to toddlers and preschoolers (although, I have often mused, “Who is teaching whom here?”).

In 1990 I stumbled into my first Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® class, and I was changed forever. I completed my professional training in Feldenkrais Method® in Strasbourg, France, 2000, with trainers Elizabeth Beringer and Dr. Lawrence Goldfarb. I am a certified member of the Feldenkrais Guild®, and I have conducted classes, workshops, and individual sessions in the Seattle area since 1998, where my students are musicians, dancers, moms, meditators, runners, typists, bus riders, children, and all versions of human being. In November 2016 I was certified to be an Assistant Trainer in the Feldenkrais Method, which allows me to work developing new Feldenkrais teachers.

Despite being a longtime yoga skeptic, I eventually could not suppress my curiosity about the rising tide of yoga offerings in the ‘90’s. After a few baffling and disappointing visits to yoga class,  I found Denise Benitez at Seattle Yoga Arts. This was the first time I was asked to notice my own experience in a yoga class—a piece that was sorely missing in my previous trials. I was won over by the depth of Denise’s practice, which opened my heart as well as my mind and body. To learn more, I became Denise’s teaching assistant, and from there began teaching my own classes. I love connecting with my yoga students through breath, awareness and movement. My background in dance, Feldenkrais, and Anusara yoga informs my yoga teaching. The buoyant community of students who attend them weekly at Lotus Yoga inspire them. I am a registered yoga teacher, RYT-200.

I currently teach public classes and private sessions in the Feldenkrais Method, hatha yoga, contemporary dance, and movement inquiry in Seattle, Washington.  Updated information about my teaching schedule is posted on the “Home” page.

I am inspired and supported by my husband, David Knott, music therapist, improviser and all-around creative soul, and by our daughter.

© 2016 Sheri Cohen