Growing and Learning: A Feldenkrais Immersion 2018-19

In 2014, I was approached by a student with a very exciting request. Her request was to please provide an opportunity to dive deep into her movement history. She wanted to go back through the movements of infancy so she could experience them again—and in some cases for the first time. Together we hatched the idea for this Immersion, a series of six intensives rich in developmental movement, experienced through Awareness Through Movement®, the classroom model of the Feldenkrais Method®. Since 2014 three groups have gone through the Feldenkrais Immersion.

The Feldenkrais® Immersion is for the dedicated student of the Feldenkrais Method, or other related modalities. Six four-day intensives offer a deep, immersive process for Sheri Cohen Feldenkrais Immersionself-study. Participants are already exploring personal growth and learning through movement or embodied practice, and are joining the immersion to support that path.

The Immersion will not provide an introduction to the Feldenkrais Method. If you are interested in the Immersion, and have never done a Feldenkrais class or private session before, you must do so before registering. If you have done Feldenkrais before, but not with me, you must attend at least one private session or class with me, so that we can be introduced before beginning the Immersion process.

Please contact me with any questions about whether the Feldenkrais Immersion might be right for you.

The organizing theme for the material in the Immersion is developmental movement, or how we develop ourselves through movement from birth through walking. The schedule below indicates, roughly, the movement themes we will explore, 228Fprimarily through Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement. While the schedule describes an overall chronological approach, this is just an outline. Many movement capacities are nested inside others. Our material will move somewhat elliptically—seeming to “jump ahead” or “reach back” in the chronology—in order to more closely mirror natural learning processes. The outline creates some structure for our material, but my main concern will be attending to your learning, and adapting the material to the needs of the moment.

Our schedule of six 4-day sessions, 5-6 weeks apart looked like this in 2017-18. Our schedule for 2018-19 is TBD:

Year Month Dates Learning . . .
2017 September 25-28 to Connect with others
November 6-9 to Locomote
December 11-14 to Sit Upright
 2018 January 22-25 to Creep
March 5-8 to Stand
April 16-19 to Walk

Daily flow: Each day will include 2-3 Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons. Occasional supporting activities will include discussion, experiential anatomy, hands-on activities, and processing activities like writing and drawing to help consolidate your learning. There will be one 45-60 minute break for lunch Monday- Wednesday, and at least one 10-15 minute break every day.

Dharma Gate
1910 24th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144


Please contact me to register, or for more information.

Click here to read what participants have said about the Immersion.

Sheri Cohen Feldenkrais ImmersionINTENTIONS:
I hope that Growing and Learning: A Feldenkrais Immersion provides a rich, safe environment in which we all may learn from the amazing natural processes that brought us into maturity. The work is sometimes sweet and playful, and sometimes challenging; I hope to help make room for the full range of experiences to be held and honored.

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