The Spine: An Anatomy Workshop for Yoga and Other Movement Teachers

All movements are more powerful and easier when they are coordinated through the spine, because the spine plays a central role in our organism’s survival and functioning. The spine determines our shape and orientation, directs our limbs, carries our head, and Spine Workshop with Sheri Cohenmobilizes our whole self through space. In this experiential anatomy workshop, we will use movement practices (including yoga and developmental movement), hands-on partnering activities, and discussions, to explore and improve some fundamental movements of the spine. We will cover how to encourage distributed movements through the spine, spine safety, spine diversity, and the benefits and pitfalls of common core strengtheners. Students will leave the workshop with a clearer understanding of—and will better embody—healthy spine movement.

This yoga anatomy training is open to all certified yoga teachers, and is eligible for Yoga Alliance continuing education credits. Instructors of other movement and awareness practices (martial arts, massage, dance, somatic education, etc.) are also welcome.

This training is a part of Lotus Yoga’s 300-Hour Teacher Training, it is a required module in the training.

Lotus Yoga
Saturday and Sunday
May 5 & 6
Saturday 2-6 & Sunday 11 – 4
(9 training hours)


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