Listening Deeply: A New Year’s Day Practice

We lead busy lives and act with our best intentions, but how can we know that our actions come from a clear and centered source? Who is the one acting and where does the impulse to act come from? What is truly nourishing to this one—myself—who is working so hard?

In “Listening Deeply” we’ll begin our self-awareness practice by opening our curiosity—cultivating a sweet relationship with ourselves. We’ll then turn to ourselves with “big ears”, listening for signals from the body in gentle motion, and get better at “hearing” subtler sensations. We’ll ask, “What is wanted?” As we move larger and stronger, we’ll find out how our listening adapts to greater challenge. Finally, we’ll rest and meditate, opening our ears to the sounds of the world around us.

Listening Deeply: A New Year’s Day Practice
Monday, January 1, 2018
Lotus Yoga
4860 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle

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