Moving from Center: A New Year’s Day Practice

When we feel centered we feel we can be more of who we are, living closer to our authentic selves. There is less of the extraneous stuff that gets in the way—less self-consciousness, confusion and compulsion. We feel we are more on our feet, as we can think more clearly and move more easily. Our actions are more aligned with our intentions.

LotusYogaIn this New Year’s Day practice, through yoga, breathing, meditation, and Feldenkrais®, we will seek center, explore around the edges of center, and move out into the world from our sense of center.

Sheri is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, choreographer, dance teacher, and registered yoga instructor. She has been teaching movement arts to diverse students for 25 years.

Lotus Yoga
4860 Rainier Avenue South

Register here
$20 with paid preregistration
$24 day of event
10% discount for unlimited members

More info: or 206.760.1917

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