Pay It Forward: Private Feldenkrais for All

In private Feldenkrais sessions, you and I have the capacity to go deeply and directly into your questions. Feldenkrais group classes are invaluable for learning about yourself and developing independent paths toward improvement. However, in private sessions, you get individualized attention, focused specifically on your needs.

Students receiving private sessions come to me for many reasons. Some are solving long-term problems that other modalities have not addressed, (“I was in a car accident 12 years ago, and…”). Others have more recent injury or issues: hip replacement surgery or a new diagnosis of Parkinson’s, for example. Another group wants to improve performance in dance, music or athletics. Still others, having been alienated from their bodily experience, want to make their body-mind relationship friendly again. There are some, as well, for whom even the gentle Feldenkrais class is inappropriate.

Many of my interactions with private students are incredibly profound. I feel blessed to be able to do this work. I’m very clear that what I’m offering is doing good in their lives. However, there are constraints on who is able to attend private sessions. My practice is cash only (not literally—check and credit are also accepted—but I’m not able to take your medical insurance). I could serve more individuals than I am currently able to, if not for this financial constraint.

As a partial solution, I have, over the years, offered a sliding scale to individuals I thought might need it. This, however, does not reach those who never thought to pursue a private in the first place, assuming it would be too much. I am limited, too, in how many discounted sessions I can offer and still keep my practice afloat.

“Our actions are like ships which we may watch set out to sea, and not know when or with what cargo they will return to port.” ― Iris Murdoch, The Bell

“Our actions are like ships which we may watch set out to sea, and not know when or with what cargo they will return to port.”
― Iris Murdoch, The Bell

Here, I am proposing a grand experiment: I am initiating a “Pay It Forward” program for private Feldenkrais sessions. Those of you enthusiasts with a little extra to spare can deposit into a scholarship account to be used on behalf of students in need. With your $5, $50 or $500, go to and deposit the amount of your choice. (One private session with me is $95.)

What will happen to your money once it is deposited? I will (a) use it to subsidize sessions for several folks already in line for scholarships, and (b) if deposits allow, I will announce publicly the availability of scholarships for private sessions. Who receives the scholarships and for how much will be under my discretion.

I will track your money carefully, and will be happy to provide an accounting of the cash flow in the scholarship account upon request. No money will be used for any purpose other than to subsidize private Feldenkrais sessions for those who need them. Recipients of the scholarships will remain completely anonymous. Donors, too, will remain completely anonymous.

I think these are straightforward terms. Feel free to disagree with them and choose not to participate. As I said, this is a grand experiment. I hope you will join me in it.

(Thanks to Barbara Dilley, who may have been the first to introduce “pay it forward” to me.)

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