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Duet with Sheri Cohen and Dave Knott: Video

Most of my performing was done in the pre-digital era, but I found this nice shoot of an improvisation I did in 2008 to benefit the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation. I’m performing in a duet here with my sweetie, … Continue reading

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Lodestones of Sensation: Feldenkrais in the Yoga Classroom

One of the governing principles shared by the Feldenkrais Method® and hatha yoga is the notion that our experiences in the movement classroom change our selves, and therefore change our life experiences outside the movement classroom. But how does this … Continue reading

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Constructive Disobedience: Feldenkrais in the Yoga Classroom

There is a delicate duet we dance in the yoga classroom. How do I, as a teacher, lead without stepping on my partner’s (my students’) feet? If it is my goal—and it is—to encourage my students’ personal development along each … Continue reading

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The beginnings of a new dance: syzygy


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